By supporting CCBRT's work, you are enabling us to provide life-changing treatment to poor and marginalised people living with disabilities, as well as lifesaving care for mothers and newborns.

From all the patients and staff at CCBRT, Asante sana!
Thank you for your generosity. 

Online via PayPal


Send cheque payable to CCBRT to

P.O. Box 23310
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mobile Money

If donating from Tanzania, choose your mobile provider and follow the steps below.


Dial *150*01#

Select 4 for Payment

Select 3 for Pay companies

Select 2 for Enter Business Number

Enter Business Number 200500

Enter your reference number 200500

Enter amount

Enter PIN


Dial *150*60#

Select 5 for Make Payment

Select 4 for Enter Business Name

Enter service/product code CCBRT

Enter amount

Enter your reference number 200500

Enter password to confirm


Dial *150*00#

Select 4 for Pay by MPESA

Select 4 for Enter Business Number

Enter Business Number 200500

Enter your reference number 200500

Enter amount

Enter PIN