2018-2022 Strategy: Looking Forward

As 2017 came to a close, we reflected on the progress we made in each of the priority areas that we set five years ago in our 2013-2017 strategy. What did progress look like? Among other achievements, from 2013 to 2017...

Farewell to Dr Fulvio Franceschi

Dr Fulvio Franceschi is an orthopaedic surgeon at CCBRT, supported by our long-lasting partnership with CBM.

mHealth Spotlight: Clubfoot Follow-Up

Can a simple SMS reminder improve patient health outcomes?

Orthopaedic Conditions 101

Get an overview of the conditions treated by our expert orthopaedics team - particularly clubfoot.

World Clubfoot Day: Meet Aisha

To mark World Clubfoot Day, held each year on 3 June, we’ll focus our blog this month on orthopaedic conditions at CCBRT. Meet Aisha.

Dr James & Dr Peter: Why Fistula?

To conclude our month-long series on CCBRT’s obstetric fistula programme, we sat down with the hospital’s two FIGO-accredited fistula surgeons.

Life After Fistula: Meet Khadija

This month, we’ve told you about the causes and treatment of obstetric fistula; about how we work with our partner facilities across Tanzania to provide fistula treatment for women like Shangwe; and about how we’re raising...

International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 2018:...

“Fistula inatibika,” read the matching shirts proudly worn by CCBRT staff and obstetric fistula patients throughout our Dar es Salaam hospital yesterday. In English: “Fistula is treatable.”

Why the coordinated attire?...

Meet Mama Millinga

As part of our ongoing blog series on obstetric fistula, meet Mama Millinga.

Theodora Millinga first learned about fistula when she was studying to be a midwife in 1986. Then, it was just one topic in her coursework....

Increasing Awareness to Fight Fistula

If you don’t know that treatment exists, you can’t access it.

That’s the underlying principle behind CCBRT’s fistula awareness raising strategy, spearheaded by Fistula Programme Manager Clement Ndahani and Assistant...