Mambo Mapya CCBRT

Mwaka mpya umekuja na mabadiliko hapa kwetu CCBRT!

What’s New at CCBRT

The new year has brought new changes at CCBRT!

Who Does Tim's Corner Serve? Meet Melinda

You can’t ask about a health service if you don’t know it’s available.

Who Makes Tim’s Corner Run? Meet Bola

Bola Abass, Technical Advisor in Nursing, has a long history at CCBRT. Read on to learn about her path to leading Tim’s Corner.

Valentine’s Day 2018 at Tim’s Corner

Happy Valentine’s Day from CCBRT!

Breaking Barriers: Disability-inclusive Family...

Every year, approximately 200 million women in low and middle income countries want to prevent, delay or space pregnancy. However, data indicates that most of this demand remains unmet: according to a recent World Health...

A New Life: Asha's Story Part II

When we last saw Asha, she was leaving CCBRT to undergo facial reconstruction surgery in Europe.

Asha was born with craniofacial cleft, a rare congenital condition characterised by severe deformities of the face and...

Family Planning Capacity Building: Meet Asteria

In Valentine's-themed February, we'll focus on family planning services. Read about our newest provider at Tim's Corner below.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Newborn Health

The Maternal & Newborn Healthcare Capacity Building team uses data to solve problems. Read about their recent newborn health project in one of Dar es Salaam’s busiest hospitals.

Dr Lucy on Newborn Health: "The Mother-Baby Bond"

We sat down with Dr Lucy Mpayo, a paediatrician on CCBRT’s Maternal & Newborn Health Capacity Building team, to get her take on newborn health in Tanzania.