Meet Kupona Foundation Board Members Bob and Betsy

Bob and Betsy visited CCBRT this week. Get to know them here!

Life After Parent-Carer Trainings

How did a PCT help Juliet support her child’s development?

World Sight Day 2018: CCBRT Eye Screenings

How did CCBRT celebrate World Sight Day 2018?

World Cerebral Palsy Day: Training Creates a...

On World CP Day, learn how trainings at CCBRT help create a community of support between parents of children with CP

Moshi’s Commitment to Collaboration

Learn how one wheelchair training at CCBRT Moshi ensures positive health outcomes for hundreds of clients

Prosthetics and Orthotics 101: Meet Clement

Learn how CCBRT is helping Tanzanians get back on their feet

Quality Care Improves Lives: Meet Juma

Juma says, “I love the quality of care and services that CCBRT offers. Please keep these programmes going.”

On The Move: Meet David

In honour of World Physiotherapy Day, celebrated every year on 8 September, this month we are focusing on physical rehabilitation and assistive device needs in Tanzania.

Capacity Building Impact: Meet Flora

Flora gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a capacity building site earlier this week. How did CCBRT interventions impact her experience?

Maternal Health: Leading on the National Level

From Dar es Salaam to Dodoma, our maternal health team is making an impact.