World Breastfeeding Week 2018

“It’s about food security for the babies,” says Dr Antke, CCBRT’s Technical Advisor in Neonatology.

Maternal Health 101

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, starting today, we’ll share maternal health news throughout the month of August.

Meet Glady: "I Love This Hospital"

“I would recommend that everybody comes to CCBRT’s Private Clinic!” says Glady with a smile.

What’s Next for Private Physiotherapy Services at...

Among the private services moving to our new Private Clinic facility in the coming weeks are our physiotherapy services. Why does that matter? To answer that question, we sat down to talk with Paulo Gomez, the...

Lab Services at the Private Clinic

Feeling feverish? Get tested for malaria at CCBRT.

Cleft at CCBRT: Meet Issa

When Issa was born, his family’s neighbours told his mother that his disability was a result of witchcraft.

Expanded Private Services for Mothers and Babies

Following the soft opening of our new Private Clinic, private services at CCBRT will continue to grow.

How CCBRT Took the Fight to #EndFistula to Kagera

In May, we introduced you to our fistula awareness raising team, who believe that “if you don’t know that treatment exists, you can’t access it.”

Social Enterprise: How Does it Work?

The opening of CCBRT’s new Private Clinic this month is a major step forward in the organisation’s new mission.

New Private Clinic 101

We’re excited to announce that after three years of construction, our new Private Clinic building will open this month.