Quality Care Improves Lives: Meet Juma

Juma says, “I love the quality of care and services that CCBRT offers. Please keep these programmes going.”

On The Move: Meet David

In honour of World Physiotherapy Day, celebrated every year on 8 September, this month we are focusing on physical rehabilitation and assistive device needs in Tanzania.

Capacity Building Impact: Meet Flora

Flora gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a capacity building site earlier this week. How did CCBRT interventions impact her experience?

Meet FIGO Fellow Dr Akter: “I can do something for...

In 2014, CCBRT was officially accredited by the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) as an international training centre for fistula surgeons. Since then, we’ve trained 18 FIGO fellows and other...

Meet Glady: "I Love This Hospital"

“I would recommend that everybody comes to CCBRT’s Private Clinic!” says Glady with a smile.

Cleft at CCBRT: Meet Issa

When Issa was born, his family’s neighbours told his mother that his disability was a result of witchcraft.

World Clubfoot Day: Meet Aisha

To mark World Clubfoot Day, held each year on 3 June, we’ll focus our blog this month on orthopaedic conditions at CCBRT. Meet Aisha.

Get the Facts: Answering 5 Fistula FAQs

Never heard of obstetric fistula? You’re not alone. Lack of awareness is one of the main barriers to treatment faced by women with the condition. Today, we’re answering five frequently asked questions about fistula.


World Health Workers Week: Meet Ladness

How is our capacity building team training the next generation of #HealthHeroes in Dar es Salaam?

World Birth Defects Day: Meet Adelina

When Adelina was born, her father left her and her mother. “He told me that in his family they do not have a history of babies like Adelina,” Mama Adelina remembers.

Adelina was born prematurely and without part of her...