A system of support: Meet Brenda & Oscar

Learn why Oscar is becoming a fistula ambassador.

World Sight Day 2018: CCBRT Eye Screenings

How did CCBRT celebrate World Sight Day 2018?

How CCBRT Took the Fight to #EndFistula to Kagera

In May, we introduced you to our fistula awareness raising team, who believe that “if you don’t know that treatment exists, you can’t access it.”

Farewell to Dr Fulvio Franceschi

Dr Fulvio Franceschi is an orthopaedic surgeon at CCBRT, supported by our long-lasting partnership with CBM.

mHealth Spotlight: Clubfoot Follow-Up

Can a simple SMS reminder improve patient health outcomes?

Get the Facts: Answering 5 Fistula FAQs

Never heard of obstetric fistula? You’re not alone. Lack of awareness is one of the main barriers to treatment faced by women with the condition. Today, we’re answering five frequently asked questions about fistula.


CCBRT’s Beginnings: Eye Health


CCBRT’s high-quality, specialised health services span a lot areas. You may have heard about our fistula care on a TV programme or our clubfoot care on the radio; you or a relative may have visited the hospital yourself...

A New Life: Asha's Story Part II

When we last saw Asha, she was leaving CCBRT to undergo facial reconstruction surgery in Europe.

Asha was born with craniofacial cleft, a rare congenital condition characterised by severe deformities of the face and...

Priority #2: Sustainable Growth

CCBRT can’t impact healthcare in Tanzania in the long term unless we’re around for the long term.

World Smile Day: Meet Jacob

This World Smile Day, meet Jacob.

Mama Jacob remembers traveling thousands of kilometres with her mother to a hospital for cleft lip surgery. Now her son is undergoing the same operation, 18 years later at CCBRT.