Capacity Building Impact: Meet Flora

Flora gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a capacity building site earlier this week. How did CCBRT interventions impact her experience?

Maternal Health: Leading on the National Level

From Dar es Salaam to Dodoma, our maternal health team is making an impact.

Putting Sustainability Into Practice

“One day, CCBRT won’t be here. How can you prepare to carry on these activities without us?”

Meet Dr Timothy: What’s a Vacuum Delivery?

“My interest is in helping women give birth - I love what I’m doing,” says Dr Timothy.

World Breastfeeding Week 2018

“It’s about food security for the babies,” says Dr Antke, CCBRT’s Technical Advisor in Neonatology.

Maternal Health 101

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week, starting today, we’ll share maternal health news throughout the month of August.

Lab Services at the Private Clinic

Feeling feverish? Get tested for malaria at CCBRT.

Expanded Private Services for Mothers and Babies

Following the soft opening of our new Private Clinic, private services at CCBRT will continue to grow.

Dr James & Dr Peter: Why Fistula?

To conclude our month-long series on CCBRT’s obstetric fistula programme, we sat down with the hospital’s two FIGO-accredited fistula surgeons.

International Nurses Day: Meet Damaris

12 May marks International Nurses Day, celebrated each year to honour the contributions of nurses. CCBRT couldn’t run without team members like Damaris – a nurse trained in counselling for fistula patients.