Jovit’s Story

Jovit, 12, was 8 years old when he was involved in an accident on his bike. In the accident, Jovit sustained a serious injury to his right eye, and was treated at his local mission hospital. There seemed to be no concerns following this treatment, but a few years later Jovit was faced with a frightening situation. He was losing his sight.

Worried for his son and the impact that this injury would have upon his future, Jovit’s father took him back to the same mission hospital.

“At the  hospital they  booked an appointment for Jovit to see an eye specialist from Nairobi who was expected to arrive within a week.” Jovit’s father hoped that he would be able to arrange for the treatment his son needed, but unfortunately it was not possible. “I could not manage. I just didn’t have the money for the consultation and medicine.” Jovit and his father had no choice but to return home, unable to afford the treatment to restore Jovit’s sight, and unsure whether they would ever be able to find a solution. Things looked hopeless, until Jovit’s father heard an announcement on the radio.  “I heard about the availability of much more affordable eye services from CCBRT.”

When CCBRT visited their village, Jovit’s father made sure that his son was seen by the visitors. When the CCBRT team recognised that Jovit had a traumatic cataract, he was immediately referred to the specialist surgeons at CCBRT’s Disability Hospital for treatment. Jovit received heavily subsidised surgery, rehabilitation, food and accommodation during his stay at CCBRT. His surgery went well, and a few days later he returned home. Jovit has now returned to school and can continue his classes with much clearer vision.         
Jovit’s father is incredibly grateful to CCBRT and its partners for their support. “There are so many people in our village who have eye problems. Thank you for seeing the importance of reaching poor and marginalised people like us.”

*Name changed to protect patient privacy