Nasoro’s Story

Little Nasoro has come a long way since he arrived at CCBRT with serious burns in mid-2012. Six months on, the little boy is able to smile again and is showing signs of an amazing recovery.

Nasoro is lucky to have survived the horrific injuries caused by an accident in which he fell on a pot of boiling cooking oil. Many households in the country use open pots for cooking, and this kind of accident is not uncommon. Nasoro’s injuries were particularly serious.

“Frankly speaking I thought that my son had died,” explained Nasoro’s mother. “When I brought him to CCBRT, I had no idea whether he would survive or how the doctors would be able to help him. Thanks to their expertise and kindness, my little boy is recovering and I can see the progress every day.”

Soon, Nasoro will be able to go home and his mother will be able to start work again. The accident put a strain on the whole family, as Mama Nasoro has been unable to work in her usual job as a food and drink vendor.

Mother and son laugh as they imagine going back home to Nasoro’s three siblings. It won’t be long until the family is back together again.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy