"Is there a specific leg I can use for dancing?" - Meet Abasi

When Abasi had his right leg amputated in 2013, his first thought was: “How will I take care of my family?” An entrepreneur in Dar es Salaam, Abasi was operating a business that was losing capital at the time of his amputation. With the loss of his leg, Abasi feared that he would not be able to properly manage his struggling business. Daily activities, such as walking, bathing, and driving a car, became difficult for Abasi to do with crutches, which he used to get around. 

One day, an advertisement for CCBRT caught Abasi’s eye, and he decided to visit the Disability Hospital to see if CCBRT could help him. At the hospital, Abasi was fitted with a transfemoral prosthetic at CCBRT’s workshop. When asked if there is a difference between using crutches and prosthesis, Abasi smiles widely. “There is a big difference! The prosthesis is super,” he says, bending his knee to display the mobility of his new leg. “Before, when I used the crutches, I could only walk for short distances. I could only walk on specific terrain. With this leg, I have no problem. I can walk for a kilometer,” he says with a grin.

This year, Abasi is most grateful for the ability to walk again. “Once my leg was amputated, I felt like a very different person,” he says. Now, Abasi’s contagious smile lights up CCBRT’s workshop when he returns for follow-up appointments. As Abasi works with our prosthetists to become more comfortable using his prosthetic leg, he is planning ahead for a wonderful new year. Abasi is looking forward to expanding his business model in 2016. He’s thinking of new ideas for companies which he can manage without having to move around a lot, and recently, he opened up a car washing company. As the supervisor, Abasi can manage his team on site without having to wash the cars himself, and his capital is growing.

Abasi says he is also grateful that such wonderful services are available for people like him who have lost limbs. While the road to walking again has not been easy, Abasi has always remained positive. As 2015 comes to a close, he is moving full steam ahead towards a better future. “Is there a specific leg I can use for dancing?” he asks a prosthetist during a follow-up appointment. His energy, optimism, and determination inspire us all. Here’s to dancing in 2016, Abasi!