"This was an incredible thing" - Meet Khadija

“I have gone through a lot,” Khadija says as she reflects upon the year. After developing fistula, Khadija could no longer work and support herself. “I could not even do housework,” Khadija says. “I used to get part-time jobs, but with fistula, no one would offer me a job. I was just hiding from everybody.” At home, Khadija’s father discriminated against her, and her husband left her. “In fact, I am also a farmer. But with fistula, I was not able to farm,” Khadija explains. “I was hopeless.”

Khadija visited several hospitals to seek care for her injury, but she did not receive proper treatment for fistula at any of them. One day, Khadija met a fistula ambassador from CCBRT, who explained that Khadija could receive treatment at CCBRT, free of charge. Using funds from CCBRT sent via M-PESA, Khadija was able to buy a bus ticket and travel to CCBRT’s Disability Hospital in Dar es Salaam. When she arrived at the Disability Hospital, Khadija believed that CCBRT would provide the solution to her problem. Soon after she arrived, Khadija underwent successful surgery to repair her fistula.

Now, she is preparing for a new start next year. “This was an incredible thing,” Khadija says about her surgery. “I am so thankful to CCBRT for covering my costs to get here all the way from my community in Shinyanga and for accomodating me.” In the days ahead, Khadija plans to return home and begin working again. She is looking forward to living a happy life, with no more hiding.