Access for All: Public Transport & Disability

|   Advocacy


Today 4.3 million people live in Dar es Salaam. By 2025, that figure will more than double to 10 million. As the population booms, urban infrastructure must adapt to ensure all members of society, including people with disabilities, can access public services. Without reliable transport, PWDs struggle to access healthcare, employment, and other services they need and deserve, as reported in a CCBRT survey conducted in three municipalities of Dar es Salaam.

CCBRT Advocacy Unit works to improve accessibility for PWDs in Tanzania. In early 2016, the unit partnered with the Dar es Salaam Area Rapid Transit (DART) to ensure the public bus system was accessible to people with disabilities. To assess this service, members of the advocacy team including people with hearing impairments, visual impairments, and physical disabilities rode on DART buses throughout the city.

Their travel experience was positive overall, and they shared recommendations for improvements, such as installing a lower ticket window for people in wheelchairs and people with dwarfism, adding disability awareness signs in Kiswahili, and including braille on tickets. After DART’s launch in May 2016, the Advocacy Unit visited the project again to test improvements and inform people with disabilities about the new service.

The Advocacy Unit has also partnered with CEFA for its “Lift Me Up” campaign, as part of a joint All Inclusive project supported by the Italian Agency for Development Co-operation (AICS), which calls for disability inclusivity in public transit, employment, and sports so that people with disabilities can realise their rights and actively participate in community life.

This World Population Day, we need your help. Support CCBRT and CEFA in connecting 1,000 people with disabilities to employment opportunities with as little as $55 per person! Your support will contribute to a disability-friendly Tanzania.




Watch the CCBRT Advocacy Unit ride on Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit (DART)