Celebrating Father's Day at CCBRT

|   Disability


Everyday at CCBRT, we see that it takes a village to care for children with disabilities. In most cases, mothers and grandmothers are the primary caregivers, but of course fathers also play a crucial role in a child's development and support.

This Father's Day we're sharing a celebration from CCBRT Moshi, our rehabilitation centre in northern Tanzania, serving thousands of families in rural communities. Twice per year, CCBRT Moshi invites families to the House of Hope to recognise and appreciate fathers. This year, 50 fathers and five mothers attended with their children.

The event is both a celebration and a learning opportunity. CCBRT staff shares information on common disabilities like clubfoot, cleft lip, cerebral palsy, and the importance of continuous treatment to avoid relapse. "Parents shared success stories and cases when lack of follow up resulted in delayed healing" Sabas Kimario, a CCBRT therapist, commented.

"The main aim of the event is to encourage fathers to support their children’s treatment by providing monetary assistance and allowing their partners to attend parent-carer training at CCBRT”.

When families are struggling to cover their cost of living, there is often little or no money to pay for treatment. Recognising this challenge, CCBRT partnered with Red Cross Tanzania to provide livelihood and income generation training. At this year's Father's Day event, Red Cross representatives invited fathers to join their Vanilla Bean Farming Initiative, which grants farmers access to a new processing plant, bolstering the quality and price of the product in four Moshi wards.

Thank you to all the fathers who care for and love their children with disabilities. You are making a difference!

In honor of fathers and families everywhere, join CCBRT in providing rehabilitative and poverty reduction programmes today!