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Raja Al-Khatib: Impressions of a keen fundraiser

Raja Al-Khatib has been instrumental in the efforts of the Vodafone Foundation and Vodafone group of companies to raise funds for CCBRT's obstetric fistula programme and the construction of the new Maternity and Newborn Hospital. Following her first visit to CCBRT since our partnership began, Raja talks about her impressions of an organisation that she has dedicated so much time to supporting.

"I arrived at the CCBRT on a beautiful, sunny (very hot) day. I had prepared for the worst having seen many film clips on health clinics in Africa, but the CCBRT Disability Hospital was not at all what I was expecting – it was green, clean, well-kept and with very professional staff and happy patients (a stark contrast to the public hospital we visited the following day). It also provided a broad range of services that included treatment to children with disabilities.

Walking through the children’s ward and seeing the calmness of the children suffering from burns, injuries, and cleft lips was heart-breaking but inspirational. The fistula ward was also a revelation – the women were all in new, clean uniforms, and welcomed us with a song. I had the privilege of speaking to a few of the patients who told me how much better they were feeling. The following day I met a woman who had been referred to the hospital using our M-PESA payments system.

I was also amazed at the progress that has been made in the construction of the new Maternity and Newborn Hospital. The last pictures I had seen were of a basic construction site – we got to walk around the structure of a large building. I really can’t wait to see it completed. The CCBRT team deserve the new facilities so they can help change many more lives."

- Raja