End of Year Reflection

|   Private Clinic

Thank you for your partnership!


The end of the year presents an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and plan for future success. In 2018, CCBRT launched its new five year strategy, committing to the continued provision of high-quality healthcare for the most vulnerable through an innovative, social enterprise model. This guiding document outlines five priorities: valued and engaged staff, excellent client outcome, excellent client experience, learning and innovation and financial sustainability. How have we done so far?

Here’s a snapshot of our progress:

  • Valued and engaged staff: More than 90% of CCBRT employees received training or professional development opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge.
  • Excellent client outcome: After a six-month follow up survey, 93% of fistula patients reported being dry in 2018.
  • Excellent client experience: This year, we focused more than ever on improving the client journey, strengthening processes and an environment that respects their rights. We've updated our policies for safeguarding and childhood protection, instituted new SOPs and even installed a separate gate for vehicles – improving safety for hundreds visiting CCBRT every day.
  • Learning and innovation: The CCBRT Academy opened this year, allowing us to better professionalise and develop our own staff, as well as health workers from outside of CCBRT.
  • Financial sustainability: This year our new private clinic opened, which tripled our capacity to serve patients who are willing and able pay. This is a key milestone in CCBRT’s social enterprise journey.

Our fistula and ophthalmology teams stand out as perfect examples of the strategy’s progress. CCBRT’s fistula team trained five FIGO fellows this year in fistula surgical techniques, continuing to foster a community of international learning. Similarly, partnerships have allowed our ophthalmology team to reach more communities in the Dar es Salaam Region—in line with our goal of achieving “vision for all”.

Happy holidays and thank you for your partnership!