Moshi’s Commitment to Collaboration

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Learn how one wheelchair training at CCBRT Moshi ensures positive health outcomes for hundreds of clients

CCBRT Moshi provides essential health and support services to children and adults living with disabilities in northern Tanzania. In these rural, hard-to-reach communities, such support would otherwise be inaccessible. As the largest provider of wheelchairs in Tanzania, the centre stands out for its commitment to collaboration. With support from dedicated partners, CCBRT Moshi provides essential training for health workers, building a more sustainable health workforce nationwide.

Last month, CCBRT Moshi hosted clinicians and wheelchair technicians from 24 different partner organisations for a training on wheelchair service provision, per World Health Organisation (WHO) standards. The goal of this training was to build their capacity to provide basic wheelchair services and to familiarise participants with new Latter Day Saints Humanitarian Services (LDS) built products. LDS, a long-time CCBRT partner, facilitated the programme. Trainees learned how to assess the client’s needs, identify and fit the best device, teach the client about basic wheelchair use and follow up for routine maintenance.

Collaboration is crucial for building the capacity of healthcare workers to handle wheelchair services. Partner engagement allows CCBRT to share its expertise and learn from other actors in the field – in this case, empowering more health facilities to provide appropriate wheelchair service, including follow-up, for more clients. Since the number of clients needing wheelchairs is growing, so is the number of follow-ups. The collaboration in August allowed CCBRT to promote and teach partners about the importance of early referral, identification and follow up, which can reduce further complication and lead to better long-term health outcomes. Ultimately, the training grew the network of health care workers able to perform follow ups on clients receiving wheelchairs, which helps ensure positive health outcomes.

Alone, wheelchair donations are not enough; skilled wheelchair service providers are needed to allow clients to fully benefit from their assistive device. In combination with appropriate therapeutic intervention, wheelchairs provide clients with proper posture support to enhance growth and improve health. Bazil, a client diagnosed with cerebral palsy, has been going to CCBRT Moshi since 2012. There, he was fitted for a wheelchair for posture support and mobility. Because of the high quality of service provision and follow-up, Bazil is now able to attend school. He is just one example of how CCBRT Moshi’s wheelchair services improve quality of life. Thanks to the centre’s training in August, these services now have an even wider reach.

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A look inside one of CCBRT's trainings
One of CCBRT Moshi's clients that will benefit from this wheelchair training