Who Does Tim's Corner Serve? Meet Melinda

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You can’t ask about a health service if you don’t know it’s available.

That’s why CCBRT’s family planning programme aims to raise awareness of available contraception methods, both inside and outside of our hospital walls. For Melinda, a recent client at Tim’s Corner, these awareness raising initiatives – even a simple poster on the wall – made all the difference.

In 2017, Melinda came to CCBRT to seek cerebral palsy treatment for her youngest son, aged 19 months. She explains: “While waiting to take my son to the consultation room, I saw CCBRT staff sticking posters on the wall about family planning. I was so happy that I could receive family planning services at CCBRT while my son was being seen for disability care.”

On the very same day, Melinda visited Tim’s Corner, where she was counselled on HIV/AIDS and received education on family planning methods. Like many contraception users, it took Melinda some time to decide the best method for her. Fortunately, counselling from nurses at Tim’s Corner gave her the information she needed to make an informed choice: “Before I came to CCBRT, I was using injections, but every time I used them I became sick. I wasn’t sure about all of the methods available. I am happy I came to CCBRT – I am now informed of all of the methods and how they work!”

Today, Melinda works as a tailor, living in Kibaha district of Dar es Salaam with her husband, a driver, and their four children. She takes birth control pills, which have produced less side effects for her than injections. Having now visited Tim’s Corner three times, she is confident that she can continue to receive high-quality family planning services at CCBRT in the future: “Whenever I visit CCBRT, I know I get the best service.”


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