Access for All

There are 4.2 million Tanzanians living with a disability. People with disabilities are often among the poorest and most marginalised in society. Disability has a significant impact on health, employment and education. More than half of children with disabilities do not attend school as a result of their health or activity limitations. Illiteracy among Tanzanians with a disability is 48%, compared to 25% among those with one. This seriously hinders social and economic development.

The exclusion of people with disabilities from the workplace, either through discrimination or inaccessible work environments, costs Tanzania $480 million every year - 3.76% of the country’s GDP. People with disabilities often live in severe poverty due to the challenge of securing a steady income amid widespread exclusion. With only 3.1% receiving income from paid employment, households headed by persons with disabilities experience greater levels of poverty.

CCBRT recognises the challenges that people with disabilities and their families are confronted with on a daily basis. We do everything we can to alleviate the obstacles, improve quality of life and empower people with disabilities to fulfill their potential.

of all people with disabilities live in a low-income country

13.2% of Tanzanian homes have at least 1 member with a disability