Freedom to Grow

Clubfoot is a deformity where the foot is curved inwards and downwards. This deformity can cause pain while walking, preventing a child from attending school or earning an income later in life, and it can elicit discrimination from community members. 

CCBRT started providing clubfoot treatment in 2001 at the Disability Hospital using the Ponseti Method. This approach is the gold standard of treatment for clubfoot—it corrects alignment through a process of stretching, casting and bracing over time. CCBRT is the largest provider of clubfoot treatment in Tanzania, reaching almost 400 new children each year and providing free care to all patients below the age of 5.

Mobile Tech Follow Up

Recognising the power and potential of SMS technology to improve patient communication and follow up, CCBRT partnered with Tigo to develop an SMS patient reminder platform. Launched in 2013, it is an essential component of clubfoot care as attendance at weekly castings and follow-up appointments is crucial for successful treatment.

The platform sends SMS reminder messages to the parents of all clubfoot patients both four days and one day prior to their scheduled appointments. It has helped CCBRT to dramatically lower the treatment dropout rate from 49% in 2013 to approximately 10% in 2015.