Bringing Services Home

CCBRT Moshi is a satellite community based rehabilitation centre in northern Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Region is very rural and mountainous, which makes children with disabilities prone to exclusion from community life due to inaccessibility of services, and often their parents are isolated from the support network and advice they need.

CCBRT Moshi’s House of Hope rehabilitation centre provides intensive therapy as well as clinical and social support to children with disabilities. Therapists tailor treatment for children with physical and mental disabilities, including congenital clubfoot, spina bifida, hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. Treatment doesn't stop at the gates of the House of Hope. Integrated teams of wheelchair technicians and physical therapists conduct regular home and school follow-up visits to ensure clients are living healthy lives after treatment. In 2016, CCBRT Moshi supported 1,536 families of children with disabilities.