Freedom to Move

CCBRT’s Physical Rehabilitation Department aims to increase the motor skills, mobility and self-confidence of people living with physical impairments. It serve patients who have undergone surgery, people who are living with severe physical impairments following amputation, as well as children with long-term disabilities like cerebral palsy and spina bifida. CCBRT offers Community Based Rehabilitation in Dar es Salaam and Moshi, northern Tanzania so caregivers are equipped with the skills to support their children at home and in school. 

Patients receive personalised treatments plans based on WHO standards which can include the use of assistive devices, physical therapy and/or occupational therapy. In 2016, the Physical Rehabilitation Department’s therapists saw 6,990 physical therapy patients.

Caregiver Training

At CCBRT, sustainability and family engagement are at the forefront of disability and rehabilitative care services. Through Parent-Carer Training (PCT) the Physical Rehabilitation Department equips caregivers with the skills and confidence to better care for their children with disabilities from home. Over the course of five-day training sessions, caregivers learn how to play, wash, feed and communicate with their children in a way that maximises their rehabilitation. Therapists also teach exercises and demonstrate appropriate use of assistive devices. PCT also limits the financial and logistical burdens of frequent travel to CCBRT.