Informed Choice

CCBRT integrates family planning into its outreach activities, inpatient obstetric fistula care, and maternal and newborn health care.

Access to safe, effective, and affordable family planning reduces maternal mortality and morbidity and enables women to fulfill their potential through education and employment. Family planning also decreases infant mortality and is a highly cost-effective means of preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission.

Early and frequent childbearing has serious consequences for the health of girls and women, contributing to higher rates of mortality and morbidity from obstetric complications. Women and girls also suffer adverse socioeconomic consequences of early and frequent childbearing. Girls who experience their first pregnancy in adolescence often leave school, jeopardizing their future social and economic opportunity.

Approximately 45% of all 19 year-old Tanzanian women are either pregnant or already have a child.

Tim's Corner

Tim’s Corner is a small shop and family planning kiosk beside the Disability Hospital. There, patients, visitors, and community members access a trained nurse offering free family planning information, consultations, and access to both short and long acting reversible contraceptive methods. Tim's Corner family planning services are laying the groundwork for the Maternity & Newborn Hospital's fully integrated family planning scheme by infusing sexual and reproductive health education and consultations into the current programme of care for fistula patients.

Tim's Corner was established in memory of Tim Manchester, a champion of family planning and reproductive health, through the generosity of his family, friends and colleagues.